Where’s Alice?: The Nothing Has Come

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Exploring Alura

Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

What is worse than nothing? Everything falling to meaning nothing yet still living an existence that is supposed to be fulfilling. True torture. True Suffering. True Loss. There is no coming back from the submission The Nothing seeks. Where do you stand when there is nothing to stand against?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

Time runs a little differently in the world Post Ogre through the Glass. They have this strange adage “History repeats itself”. When Elf and Ogre were in the worlds of the Past, things happened and then lessons were learned, never to have to happen again. But things were different here.

It appears that things happened with no true resolution and then significant periods of time passed and then the same event happened again. This time with more hurt and more suffering. And only with the extremity of hurt…

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Shower – Erodicka 2

Wish I could be the droplet in your shower,

Falling for you,

As i came (cum) gliding down your nose,

Like a poetry skating all over the pose,

Momentarily glimpsing the depth of your eyes,

Holding onto lips for a brief kiss,

Aahh aahh a bit more time on the neck please …..

And I was on roll,

Feeling your tender breasts , curling round your nipples

Saw them turn cheery red,

Such was the performance pressure,

That tired… I rested in your pierced navel,

Just as I was ready to be washed ,

You gushed,

It was sticky, heavy but wonderful shower that I will cherish forever ….

Clitar – Erodicka 3

When my fingers strum your clit,

You sensuality is just lit …

Like a flower reaching its full bloom

You breasts so close to my face displaying a sensual loom,

As they swing back and forth

My mouth happens to grab one,

So full so soft , making every suck a fun,

As I Suck it up with all effort,

My penis returns you the pleasure , holding onto the fort

Down there …

Its not intimacy , it’s a charged up exchange of fluids and bites,

With two romantic insomniacs fucking through the sleepless nights

Plans – Erodicka 1

I have plans for tonight ….

It won’t be battle to be on the left or the right,

It will be a ballad to be on the top,

I wish.. .

To caresse your curves lip by lip,

Explore the secrets your beauty holds

And always be there to keep,

I know I will be tempted to teeth your nipples,

My finger will find solace in your vulva creating ripples

It won’t be slow, but surely would be rough,

Intimacy can never be enough,

I hope you haven’t shaved,

I like it hairy , right there …my dreams have often raved

Just a few hours and I will be deep down, between your legs,

Sliding between your thighs, tickling the (g) spot,

Living the dream through the licks,

As you moan your way to the orgasm

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Consumerism and chaos

We all are standing at a very critical juncture of 21st century. Consumerism and marketing gimmicks are fooling people into many things. Let us put our finger on wants and not needs. I don’t think people can be so rationale as to confine consumption to needs.

You buy what they want to sell and not what you want. You buy what your peers bought and not what you want.You buy what your idol endorsed , but he is not using it… remember.

Discover yourself . Not through some enticing advertisement or peer pressure . But through observing your thoughts , feelings and appreciating life , family and situations you are in .

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